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Isadora & Matt

Matt and Isadora met at GNC where Isadora worked. Matt was on a mission to find the protein drink that his trainer recommended. He walked into GNC and there stood Isadora. All he could think of was wow! So, by this time he forgot what he was there to buy. This allowed him to fumble around and allowed her to help find out what he was looking for. So 30 minutes later he finally bought his protein drink and headed home. Then, for the next 6 weeks he kept going back and buying his 1 serving of protein drink until he came up with the courage to ask this beautiful girl out. To his surprised she said yes and well....they have been inseparable ever since

Matt and Isadora's wedding took place on September 19, 2009 at the beautiful Webster House in Kansas City, MO. In addition to the traditional wedding ceremony, they were all indulged with the Traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony. In this ceremony the Bride and the Groom pay respects to their elderly by serving them tea and to introduce and welcome each other into the family. It was a unique experience, and it was so great that Isadora chose to honor the family tradition.

isadora & matt